The Cat's Garden Café

A peaceful place to relax amongst the flowers while you enjoy amazing food and pleasant drinksAddress: Light | Twintania | Lavender Beds | Ward 9 | Plot 30

Rabbit Pie - 2,000 gil
A traditional pastry dish of the Elezen’s hailing from the Forests of Gridania. Formed to to resemble a rabbit but oddly enough, it doesn’t contain any meat from the leporine origin.
La Noscean Eggy Bread - 2,000 gil
A slice of bread soaked in a mixture of buffalo milk and eggs, and then fried in creamy butter. A specialty at the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa.
Finger Sandwiches - 3,000 gil
Perfectly sized sandwiches using bread that is made fresh the same morning, as well as the most decadent eggs and juiciest lettuce sources could find.
Prima Pizza - 5,000 gil
A simple-but-satisfying dish of thinly worked dough topped with tomatoes and cheese, baked in a wood-fired oven until crispy.
Trapper’s Quiche - 2,000 gil
Eggs, cheese, and chopped Eft blended together and baked in a flaky crust. A favorite among Ishgardian nobles.
Archon Burger - 5,000gil
Concocted by the staff at the Last Stand, this sandwich is as nutritionally sound as it is delicious. Known to give Miqo’te the happiest of ear wiggles.
Apkallu Omelettes - 2,000 gil
Apkallu eggs beaten and then cooked in rich butter until fluffy and light. A favorite in Vylbrand's coastal hamlets.
Popoto Pancakes - 2,000 gil
A pancake dish made of ground Dalamud popotoes, served with puréed mirror apples.
Sheperd’s Pie - 2,000 gil
Pulled antelope shank covered with mashed popotoes and baked in a golden, buttery pie crust.
Meat Miq’abob - 2,000 gil
A traditional Keeper of the Moon dish consisting of tender dodo meat and ripe ruby tomatoes on a stick, roasted to perfection. A family favourite of the Draven Family.
Spaghetti Carbonara - 3,000 gil
Tender Vermicelli noodles slathered in a rich sauce made from with fresh Heavenseggs yolks and stone cheese, topped with thinly cut smoked bacon, and black pepper to taste.
Sauteed Porcini - 2,000 gil
Fragrant procini mushrooms sliced and sauteed in butter. A simple but elegant dish
Cockatrice Meatballs - 2,000 gil
Ground lean cockatrice meat hand rolled into bite-sized balls and friend in oil and topped with a rich tomato sauce. Comes with a complimentary Kaiser Roll.
Beef Stew - 2,000 gil
A sumptuous stew made by slowly cooking buffalo meat in sour red wine for several hours until it falls off the bone. Comes with a complimentary Kaiser Roll.
Hamsa Curry - 2,000 gil
A Radz-at-Han staple consisting of hamsa breast meat stewed to perfection in a spice-rich sauce. Comes with a complimentary Kaiser Roll.
Chirashi-zushi - 2,000 gil
One of many varieties of the Hingan dish sushi, this iteration consists of a full bowl of sweet vinegared rice topped with various items such as thinly sliced omelet, salted fish eggs, dried gourd, stewed mushrooms, and other local fare.
Island Miq'abob - 2,000 gil
A skewer of hamsa breast and bell peppers grilled to perfection. This recipe was brought to the islands by way of Miqo'te seafarers.
Landtrap Salad - 1,500 gil
A salad made with the still-twitching leaves of a landtrap and garnished with a drizzle of fragrant olive oil.
Morrel Salad - 1,500 gil
A fresh green salad topped with sautéed morels.
Fish soup - 1,500 gil
A light soup of butter-sautéed Bianaq Bream and the freshest vegetables supplied by the Koko Mart, with just a hint of nutmeg to amplify the natural flavours of the fish. Comes with a complimentary Kaiser Roll.
Meal SetsThe complete Eorzean Breakfast - 10,000 gil
2 slices of La Noscean Eggy Bread, a plate of a fluffy Apkallu Omelette, 1 Meat Miq’abob and small bowl of fresh fruit along with a cup of either Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Juice or Water.
Pizza n Friends - 10,000 gil
One freshly baked Prima Pizza, A bowl of Beef Stew, a plate of Landtrap Salad, and A fresh Kaiser Roll along with a cup of either Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Juice or Water
Summer BBQ Meal Deal - 10,000 gil
Archon Burger, one Meat Miq'abob, one Island Miq'abob, and A freshly baked Kaiser Roll with a cup of either Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Juice or Water
Spring Time Salads - 10,000 gil
One freshly baked Quiche, A bowl of landtrap salad, A bowl of Morel salad, One plate of Sauteed Porchini, with a cup of either Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Juice or Water
To Warm Your Soul - 10,000 gil
One bowl of Fish soup, One bowl of Beef Stew, One bowl of Hamsa Curry, Two pieces of flatbread, with a cup of either Coffee, Hot Chocolate, or Hot Tea
Meat feast - 10,000 gil
One Meat Miq'abob, One Island Miq'abob, A bowl of Beef Stew, A plate of Cockatrice Meatballs with a cup of either Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Juice or Water
Pumpkin Spice - 10,000 gil
One plate of Pumpkin Ratatouille, One bowl of Pumpkin Potage, One bowl of Beef Stew, One freshly baked Kaiser Rol with a cup of either Coffee, Hot Chocolate, or Hot Tea
"how do you like your eggs?" - 10,000 gil
A plate of Fried eggs, A plate of scrambled eggs, A plate of Apkallu Omelette, A bowl of deviled eggs with a cup of either Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Juice or Water

Teas and Coffee
(V) = Vegan Friendly
Chamomile Tea - 2,000 gil
A pot of chamomile tea served at the perfect temperature. There's a little pot of honey and sugar cubes on the side if you so desire them. Helps calms the nerves and soothes the soul.
Espresso con Panna - 2,000 gil
A cup of piping hot coffee topped with whipped cream. Can be served hot or cold at the customer’s request. Pairs well with our homemade Nut Bake.
Triple Cream Coffee - 2,000 gil
Freshly roasted ground coffee beans percolated to perfection and mixed with an equal amount of thick dairy cream.
Pixieberry Tea - 2,000 gil (V)
A perfectly steeped cup of aromatic, sweet-and-tart tea handmade with freshest Pixieberries and peppermint.
Masala Chai - 2,000 gil
The coerthan tea leaves may provide the base, but it's the cinnamon and amber cloves that add the signature sweet and aromatic flavor to this traditional beverage, known to take the chill out of your bones and warm your spirit.
Hot Chocolate - 2,000 gil
A sweet beverage made with rich chocolate which is commonly drunk in The Holy See of Ishgard, but the staff were taught by a master brewer to bring it to our customers.
Steppe Tea - 2,000 gil
A thick, creamy beverage popular on the Azim Steppe made from steeped fermented tea leaves and a generous helping of fresh dzo milk.
Rooibos Tea - 2,000 gil (V)
A healthful herbal tea known for its natural mellow sweetness.
Doman Tea - 2,000 gil (V)
An after-supper beverage naturally sweetened with dried persimmons. Widely popular in the Far East.
Thavnairian Chai - 2,000 gil
This milky Near Eastern tea is infused with cinnamon of peerless quality for a flavorsome kick.
Matcha - 2,000 gil
A sophisticatedly bitter infusion prepared by whisking fine-ground tea leaves into piping hot water. Drinking it properly requires such finesse that Hingashi is home to many a school focused solely on perfecting the art.
Mulled Tea - 2,000 gil (V)
A pungent infusion brewed from several exotic spices and herbs. Enjoyed in the sultanate of Ul'dah.
Buckwheat Tea - 2,000 gil (V)
A dark nutty infusion made from steeping buckwheat kernels in boiling water.
Purple carrot juice - 1,500 gil
A sweet juice made with purple carrot, lemon and a little bit of honey for a touch of sweetness.
Orange Juice - 1,500 gil (V)
Juice freshly squeezed from ripest La Noscean oranges.
Grape Juice - 1,500 gil (V)
Juice freshly squeezed from plump Noble grapes.
Happiness Juice - 1,500 gil (V)
This uniquely sweet drink consists of an entire squeezed carrot, along with an assortment of other scrumptious additions to give it a kick. Seems to be a favourite of a certain Bunny folk.
Melon Juice - 1,500 gil (V)
Paralyzingly delicious juice freshly squeezed from thundermelons.
Peach Juice - 1,500 gil (V)
A generous serving of juice, freshly squeezed from sweet peaches.
Pineapple Juice - 1,500 gil (V)
Juice freshly squeezed from sun-ripened prickly pineapples.
Apple Juice - 1,500 gil (V)
Juice freshly squeezed from shiny red mirror apples.
Blood Tomato Juice - 1,500 gil
The slight acidity of this bright tomato is guaranteed to whet one's appetite, making it a longstanding favorite of tavern owners throughout Norvrandt.
Loquat Juice - 1,500 gil
A thick, orange juice freshly squeezed from ripe loquats.
Golden Pineapple Juice - 1,500 gil
Tart and invigorating juice freshly squeezed from golden pineapples.
Other Drinks
Lemonade - 1,500 gil
An incomparably refreshing blend of sour lemonette juice and sweet golden honey.
Milk - 1,500 gilWater - 1,500 gil

Pineapple Ponzecake - 2,000 gil
A soft upside down cake decorated with pineapple and drenched in pineapple syrup, served with a dollop of cream on the side
Nut Bake - 2,000 gil
Only the best seeds and nuts were used in making this sweet and tasty treat. Pairs well with our Espresso con Panna.
Pixie Apple Pie - 2,000 gil
A flaky, buttery crust surrounds a sweet compote of stewed pixie apples flavored with a hint of cinnamon to tantalize your tongue.
Sohm Al Tart - 2,000 gil
A traditional Ishgardian cake made by stacking several layers of chocolate, made to resemble Sohm Al, a peak sacred to the Dravanians. Many Ishgardians believed that devouring the “mountain” on this sweet will grant them fortune in their struggle with the dragons.
Rolanberry cheesecake - 2,000 gil
Rich cheesecake slathered in a sticky but sweet rolanberry compote made with the freshest rolanberries, best served with a cut of piping hot tea.
Blood currant tart - 2,000 gil
A sweet and sour pastry made with a generous portion of blood currants, resting on a fluffy base of pastry
Apple Strudel - 2,000 gil
A round pastry filled with sweet faerie apples and fragrant spices, the smell brings back memories of sweets your grandmother used to make when you were a young one.
Pearl/Bubble chocolate (Two for one) - 1,000 gil
A luscious bon-bon made from either dark chocolate or sweet white chocolate and filled with smooth melting filling
Konpeito - 2,000 gil
Colorful clusters of crystalline sugar─a childhood treat for Hingans and Domans alike.
Jellied Harcot - 2,000 gil
A chilled dessert of sweet harcot boiled with sugar and mixed with gelatin to give it a pleasing texture.
Sachertorte - 2,000 gil
A divinely rich chocolate cake that features a fruity counterpoint by way of an apricot jam layer.
Honey Muffin - 2,000 gil
A traditional Midlander cake made with a generous portion of honey.
Honey Croissant - 2,000 gil
A flaky, decadent pastry sweetened with drizzled with the richest golden honey you’ve ever tasted!
Peach Tart - 2,000 gil
A round pastry filled with sweet peaches and fragrant spices from Thavnair
Zefir - 2,500 gil
An irresistibly soft and airy confectionary made from whipped twilight apple purée.
Ginger Cookies - 1,000 gil
A sweet and spicy cookie cut into the shape of a legendary black mage said to have recovered MP by eating the crispy treats.
Crowned Pie - 1,000 gil
A galette-style pie decorated with a golden crown and served at Ishgardian festivals.
Sykon Cookies - 1,000 gil (Pack of 3)
A delicious treat covered in sykon jam and accented with a dash of cinnamon.
Sesame Cookies - 1,000 gil (Pack of 3)
Tales of a blue monster who greedily devours these baked delights have frightened children across the realm for generations.
Marron Glace - 1,000 gil (Pack of 3)
Chestnuts peeled and soaked in honey for several moons until the entire fruit is permeated with sweetness.
Coffee Biscuits - 1,000 gil (Pack of 3)
A buttery biscuit with a subtle coffee flavor.
Acorn Cookies - 1,000 gil (Pack of 3)
A crisp cookie made with iron acorn paste. A favorite of the Qiqirn.
Dessert SetsRoyal Dessert set - 10,000 gil
One Crowned pie, One Pixie Apple Pie, One Sachertorte, One Blood Currant Tart with a cup of either Coffee, Hot Chocolate, or Hot Tea

Miso Dengaku - 3,000 gil
Stiff tofu squares and vegetables impaled on a stick and slathered in a sweet miso sauce then roasted over hot coals.
Mushroom Skewer - 2,000 gil
The creamtop mushrooms take center stage in this simple yet filling dish, though the blood tomatoes and ramhorn zucchinis perform admirably in supporting roles.
Lentil Curry - 3,000 gil
A dish that combines lentils with a sumptuous blend of spices in a silky coconut milk stew.
Pineapple Salad - 1,500 gil
A salad featuring chunks of golden pineapple tossed with a flavorsome frantoio oil dressing.
Marinated Broccoflower - 3,000 gil
A biting dish of broccoflower, paprika, and onion steeped in oil and dark vinegar.
Sunset Carrot Nibbles - 2,000 gil
Ribbons of thinly sliced sunset carrots dressed with vinegar make for a healthful and serenely wholesome dish.
Imam Bayildi - 3,000 gil
Miniature Doman eggplants stuffed to bursting with juicy marinated vegetables─and enough peppers to knock a trained Fist of Rhalgr monk out cold.
Sauteed Green Leeks - 3,000 gil
A simple dish of thick, meaty leeks sautéed with garlic.

Here is where you'll meet the staff who runs The Cat's Garden Cafe

Ameena Draven
The Proprietress and Head Manager of The Cat's Garden Cafe. Ameena spent years honing her cooking and gardening skills, wanting to cook for her family and share her flowers with people; until she decided to open up her own establishment, with the overwhelming encouragement from her husband too mind you. So now, every Monday and Thursday you'll find her at The Cat's Garden Cafe.
Though on Fridays you'll find her at a certain club she helps manage....Venue Role: Waitress & Head Chef

Fenah'ra DravenCo-owner and Head Waiter of The Cat's Garden Café. Known as simply Fen, among his friends and family, Fenah'ra has spent many a moon adventuring with his wife Ameena. When the idea of opening a cafe crossed her mind, Fen rose to the challenge to help shoulder the work load by assisting any way he can or as needed. You can always count on him to be a good listener should you need an ear or two.Venue Role: Waiter & Stand-in Chef

Morwen Yggdrasil
Morwen grew up under the boughs of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. She quickly found a home in Eorzea with Ameena and the rest of her family in Prima. Morwen is a quiet Viera, but is always happy to help! Don't worry if she takes a while to speak, she's just trying to get her words right.
Venue Role: Chef (outside) & Tarot Reader

Elin Draig
Elin Draig is a no-nonsense Au Ra who serves as the Waitress of the outside section, of the Cat's Garden Café. With a steady hand and swift legs she delivers food and drink effortlessly. While her ability to deliver food is unparalleled her ability to express anything other than a simple "hmm", is lacking. (Seriously do you know how hard it was for us to get her to smile for this photoshoot?) Elin does indeed care about your order however and will make sure your time at the café is as enjoyable as it can be.
Venue Role: Greeter & Waitress

Baerlorth Yariaur
This Elezen gentleman brings a mature air to The Cat's Garden Cafe while he serves its patrons, telling stories of a bygone time while he's serving/cooking at the cat's garden cafe, he tells us these stories enthusiastically and argues for their validity.
Venue Role: Waiter

The list below entails all the rules you must follow upon arriving at The Cat's Garden CaféNO NSFW/ERP ACTIVITIES ALLOWED- Be respectful of all Staff and other patrons.
- Please try to dress appropriately when dining at The Cat's Garden Cafe (as you would if you were dining at a cafe IRL).

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